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Fender skirts, outside sunvisors,  Custom Street Rod and Dress-Up Accessories

Fender Skirts by Big Jim's, located in Whitney, Texas, is one of the largest manufacturers of fender skirts for classic Buicks, Chevys, and Fords in the world. We also supply visors, bubbles, mirrors and other accessories.

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We manufacture and sell fender skirts and Outside Sunvisors. We have over 15,000 new, used, original, and reproduction Fender Skirts and hundreds of used and reproduction Outside Sunvisors in metal or fiberglass. This is only a partial list of our Fender Skirts and Sunvisors.

Some of our Street Rod and Dress-Up Accessories include:

  • Wheel Covers - Starbursts, Lancers, Hollywoods, Fiesta, Moons, Naked Ladies, etc.
  • Outside Door Edge Mirrors, Mirror Visors, inside Rearview Mirrors
  • Lake Pipes
  • Smithy Mufflers
  • Dice, Eight Balls, Skulls, Pistons for door locks, Tags, Gear Shifts, and Valve Stems
  • Steering Spinner Knobs
  • Chrome Hub Cap Bullets
  • License Plate Frames
  • Headlight Trims and Headlight Visors
  • Rear Antennas
  • Gas Door Guard
  • Rodlights, Foglights, Chrome Headlights, and Dummy Spotlights
  • Turn Signals
  • Exhaust Extensions and Exhaust Megaphones
  • Vent Window Breezies
  • Illuminated Fender Guides
  • Electric Wiper Motors for Street Rods
  • Traffic Light Prism
  • Felix the Cat Accessories
  • French Kits for Customizing
  • Blue Dot Tailights
  • Chrome Door Handle Shields

HWY 22 - P.O. BOX 174
WHITNEY, TX. 76692
PHONE 254-694-5830
FAX 254-694-6880


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